The Watson Tate Savory Studio is featured in a Timeline created by the Clemson University School of Architecture for their Fall 2013 Newsletter to their Alumni.  The timeline, which spans from the beginnings of the School of Architecture in 1913 and ends with a photo of the 2013 final reviews of the Watson Tate Savory Clemson Studio. Noticeably present in the photo is the large student model of the Vulcan Quarry, which was the site for the projects.



Also featured in the photo collage on the inside of the newsletter is the wedding day photo of WTS Principal, Michael Watson, and Director of Finance, Ginnie Watson, photo below. The Watson’s were married in Genoa, Italy in 1978 after studying at the Daniel E. Center for Building and Urban Studies.


Watson Wedding


Download the full newsletter here: Clemson Fall 2013 Alumni Newsletter