2015 AIA Honor Award for Unbuilt Work, South Carolina Chapter

The City of Columbia Water and Wastewater Management Facility occupies the site of an abandoned car dealership, a brownfield site requiring remediation and encapsulation of a variety of hazardous subterranean materials. The facility will provide a new home for the department’s administration, crews, technicians and vehicle fleet, and will include the following components:
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  • Administration Building: a new 10,000 square foot facility, replacing the car showroom, with offices, a large conference room and break room.
  • Warehouse: renovation of an existing pre-engineered structure providing vehicle storage, additional offices, locker rooms and unconditioned equipment storage, 15,000 square foot.
  • Conditioned Storage: renovation of an existing pre-engineered structure providing conditioned storage.
  • Guardhouse: a small fully conditioned structure at the site entry.
  • Site amenities include: covered fleet storage, material and equipment storage, outdoor service bay and bulk material storage bins.


The project has been designed toward a goal of LEED Silver Certification and includes six rain gardens and a green roof.


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