The City of Columbia held a groundbreaking ceremony on today, Wednesday, June 8 for the City’s new Water Distribution and Wastewater Management Facilities. The new facility is located at 4011 West Beltline Blvd. The project, designed by Watson Tate Savory, is seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building Silver Certification and once registered, will be the first LEED project for the City.

City Water Groundbreaking


The project has also been designed toward a goal of LEED Silver Certification. Sustainable features include:

• Six rain gardens throughout the site will sustainably filter storm water and reduce runoff.
• A green roof on the Administration Building will reduce the heat island effect and further filter storm water.

• Landscaping has been design to cut irrigation by 50% over standard usage.
• Low-flow fixtures reduce indoor water usage by 30%.
• Bicycle storage and changing rooms with showers encourage alternative transportation.
• Daylighting throughout the buildings, combined with sensors on light fixtures for daylight harvesting, and efficient LED lighting contribute to a reduction in energy usage by more than 30%.
• Sunshade systems on the exterior of the Administration Building, combined with ceramic frits (white opaque patterning on the glass) reduce solar gain at the windows.
• Low-Emitting materials, including sealants, paints, flooring and other materials improve air quality.
• Lighting and thermal efficiency are enhanced through a high degree of user controllability of systems, so that conditioning and lighting are not wasted where not needed or desired.
• Remediation of the existing brownfield site and encapsulation of existing hazardous subterranean materials improve the environment.
• During construction, 75% of waste will be either recycled or salvaged, with documentation provided by the contractor, as verification.
• At completion of construction, 20% of materials in the project will be recycled content, and 20% will be provided regionally, reducing both waste and carbon emissions due to transportation.

Watch the full groundbreaking ceremony-