The design converts an abandoned automobile dealership into a municipal water division facility, simplifying a diverse program for reuse of existing structures. The glazed office building, exaggerates the original showroom’s extroverted spirit, bathing occupants in daylight. New detailing on the pre-engineered warehouse expresses the roof plane in floating undulations, referencing the site’s topography. Site improvements include pervious paving, xeriscaping and rain gardens.


The project was featured at the recent national Civic I/O Mayor’s Summit at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. At the summit, Mayor Steve Benjamin made the following remarks:

“This building is forward-thinking architecture and a tangible way to shape a more resilient community. All mayors must be introduced to the power of architecture in creating the public realm. In 50 years, we may not be here, but what we build will remain, and it has the power to demonstrate what is important to us—what matters to us—and whether our communities are prosperous.”